Saturday, 27 October 2012


      I.            Buy corresponding number of options as your Future positions. For example, if you have a position size of five futures contracts, purchase five corresponding options to completely hedge your position. Also, make sure the expiration month of the options you purchase matches the expiration date of the futures contracts you own.
  II.            Select a strike price that fits your accepted level of risk tolerance. When you purchase an option, you must specify a strike price. The closer the strike price is to the current futures price, the more expensive the option.
An option with a strike price that's further away from the futures price costs less, but provides less protection against an adverse price move.

III.            Buy a put option to hedge if you are long the futures contract. A put option gives you the right to go short the underlying futures market at the option's strike price. You will be able to offset your position at the put option's strike price if the futures price moves against you.

IV.            Buy a call option to hedge if you are short the futures contract. The call option gives you the option to go long the underlying futures contract, so it provides a hedge for a short futures position.

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