Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Benefits of Online trading:

 1.Trade from almost anywhere.
2.Transfer funds online from anywhere.
3.Shares are transferred to and fro online. (as compulsory one has to open a demat account with the same broker he wants to trade online with)
4.Can trade only to the extent of credit in the trading account.
5.Absolutely Real time stock quotes....
6.Real time confirmation of trades.
7.View trades, accounts, balances, portfolio etc online.
8.Less brokerage/commission costs


  1. good article the point to point explaination is very helpful for understanding

  2. i liked your post .basics of online trading explained by is now clear to me...thanks

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  4. Thanks for sharing such nice post, recently I had started online stock trading in india.

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  6. 8 of the best reasons why online trading rocks! I've been doing binary option trading for quite sometime now and loving it! What I love about online trading is that you control your own resources.