Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gold no longer a safe heaven – A major shift from precious metal to “Just a commodity”

Keep converting your useless physical Gold inventory to different asset classes or just cash
“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”Nature created human and human destroying nature, that’s a bitter truth we are all living with . We often see documentaries, news articles, presentations or activities/movements to save nature , or just to spread awareness.“Mount Everest” – highest peak of Himalaya , once unconquered and considered invincible. One gentleman from New Zealand , Sir Edmund Percival Hillary reached the peak for the first time and opened the gate of a new destruction In ancient history, this precious metal , which was far from the reach of common people, was found only in possession of Emperors ....
Then converted into currency, Gold Coins was used in many kingdoms as a higher denomination currency, across the world .Just before a decade , gold prices were quite stable and was considered as a perfect hedge against inflation. Price was stable because it was driven by physical demand of gold and then arrived “Sir Hillary” of this world, Financial Institutions looking for a safe heaven during Economical crisis. Price of gold doubled and tripled, just in matter of few years.Post 2008 economic crisis, Gold is seeing a major shift in its status, from precious metal to “just a commodity” Investors across the world started looking for trading opportunities in Gold.Gold financing companies, ETF’s, Gold centric Funds and commodity markets contributed to this transformation.The kind of price fluctuations we have seen in recent past in gold erases all conventional thoughts about this precious metal in my mind and now I just see it as a commodity, one of the most traded, around the world.The biggest loser will be the physical holder of the Gold , because they never sell.


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