Saturday, 1 February 2014


A stock broker is a person who takes care of your investments and act as a mediator by selling and buying the shares/stocks you want. Whenever you want to buy or sell your stocks you have to put it in front of a stockbroker and hence, from there on the stockbroker takes care of the matter by following your order and placing them in the market.....

Now there are two types of stock brokers; one is discount broker and other one is full-service broker. While beginners mostly hire discount brokers as they are only hired to follow the orders of transaction. Discount brokers do not give you any advice, explanation or any kind of information regarding the share market and if they choose to give it then it’s very little. The other one is full-service brokers; these are the brokers who give you full advice and take care of your full investment and funds. They check your funds and advice you on what kind of investment you should do and what you should place in the market for sale.
Now, the only difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker is the type of commission they take. While discount brokers charge less and take a flat annual fee just like a proper salary, on the other hand full-service brokers charge a pretty good commission on every trade.
• First, before choosing a broker make sure you have calculated the types of services you want and the type of investments you want to make, it helps in narrowing down a perfect broker, if you willing to invest.
• The next thing is to decide the type of broker you want on the basis of money you are ready to pay, it’s always better to go for a discount broker as they charge less but the only negative aspect of them is that they provide you no or very less advice while on the other hand full service broker advice you and increase your knowledge as well as help you to make a better and successful investment unlike discount brokers who only follow your order.
• Make sure you meet at least four brokers before counting down on one; this will give you more information about their personal and professional behaviour.

• Ask your friends or family to give you any referrals and know their stock brokers,


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