Saturday, 5 September 2015

How to Trade Nifty Options in Bearish Markets

Trading Nifty options in bearish market, in bearish people traders say they lose money but fact is bearish markets offer best money making opportunity as panic is higher in these markets so markets react fast. In case of bearish market you always look for selling opportunities or selling signals in technical indicator. We are talking about nifty option so we will be buying out of money put options if time of expiry is greater than 15 days, or else we will go with at the money or in the money put option. After selecting the type of put option now we will completely focus on the price action of the underlying i.e. nifty future and wait for pullback to buy that nifty put option. Target will be 50% of the total premium paid while purchasing put option and stop loss will be 25% of the total premium. In trading nifty options always remember a golden rule that you will never risk more than 10% of your total trading capital at any point of time.
Also it’s very dangerous to trade Nifty Options without proper guidance & knowhow. So, why don’t you leave the dangers to us and take yourself the most lucrative profit margin in the stock market.

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